Friday, July 31, 2015

7/31 FREE App of the Day: Castle Doombad

Today's Amazon Android 

$2.00 Value  4.0 STARS

Dr. Lord Evilstein has kidnapped a princess, and now his evil lair is crawling with do-gooders. In this reverse spin on tower defense it’s your job to defend your home turf from heroes trying to save the day.  Keep the princess safely in your clutches and send those heroes cryin’ back to momma.

7/31 Free Friday Tum-E Yummies COUPON

KROGER BRAND Free Friday Tum-E Yummies

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 1 free Tum-E Yummies (10.1 fl. oz.).

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

FREE EBOOK: Crafts for kids:30+ Technology-free Activities


Crafts for kids:30+ Technology-free Activities for Kids-How We did it in Our Days

Get ready to dive into some family time with over 30+ technology-free activities that you can do with your children. Designed for families that want to get back to the basics, when it comes to quality time with the family, you can choose from several different projects with varying ranges of preparation and clean-up time. This awesome activity book even accommodates different age groups for children. 

Reminder:  Free Kindle eBooks are usually only Free for a limited time
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Read books on your computer or other mobile devices with FREE Kindle Reading Apps.

7/26 FREE App: Aces Gin Rummy Pro

Today's Amazon Android 

$2.99 Value  4.5 STARS

If you’re new to Gin Rummy, don’t worry. The EASY difficulty setting is a great way to ease into the game. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, HARD will have you planning every move and really watching the discards. Whatever your skill level, our adjustable difficulty system has the right setting for you.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

FREE EBOOK: Wonderful tonight (BEATLES HISTORY!)


Wonderful tonight

This book is essential reading for all fans of The Beatles, Eric Clapton and the heady days of wild rock 'n' roll.
 Pattie Boyd was the super model who married the Beatle, George Harrison. Together they were the most glamorous couple in the world.
 Eric Clapton became infatuated with her and triggered the most famous love triangle in history.

Reminder:  Free Kindle eBooks are usually only Free for a limited time
 Be sure the price shows free before you purchase.  
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7/26 FREE App of the Day: Monster Wars

Today's Amazon Android 

$0.99 Value  4.5 STARS
"One of the best strategy games of 2012" -Touch Arcade

The follow-up to Legendary Wars unleashed! There are two sides to every story. This is the legend of the Monster Wars...

They've been hunted for gold and XP for years, and now it's time for revenge! Take command of over 50 Monsters, in a perfect blend of Castle Defense, sidescrolling-action and RPG. Build-up a powerful Monster Army and conquer the land of Legendaria! 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

7/25 FREE App of the Day: Car Race

Today's Amazon Android 

$0.99 Value  4.0 STARS

Beat your opponents on the most EXCITING DRAG RACING GAME! 

Accelerate and change gears to win.
 Upgrade and customize your 3D CARS to go faster!

Download it now and rule the streets!

Friday, July 24, 2015

FREE EBOOK Times Tables the Fun Way!


Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids: A Picture and Story Method of Learning Multiplication

Times Tables the Fun Way teaches students to visualize the number characters from the story so they can remember the answer to the times fact. It teaches all the 0's -9's times tables and has sold over 100,000 copies. Originally published in 1992, Times Tables the Fun Way has been a popular choice for schools and parent

7/24 FREE App: Delicious - Emily's True Love

Today's Amazon Android 

$4.99 Value  4.0 STARS

Celebrate Valentine’s Day and join Emily on an amazing journey to follow her heart in Delicious - Emily's True Love, based on the award-winning Delicious game series. Travel with Emily around the world as she tries to reconnect with the one that got away. Will she find her true love? Download Delicious - Emily's True Love and find out! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

7/23 FREE App of the Day:Toca Pet Doctor

Today's Amazon Android 

$2.99 Value  4.5 STARS
The pets need your help! In Toca Pet Doctor our animal friends want your love, care and help. Meet 15 animals who are all craving your attention. Through innovative play you can help the dove, or clean up the pup! Oh no, did the angry worm accidentally twist itself into a knot?

Beautiful artwork and fun sounds designed for ages 2-6 guides your kids through different activities, empowering them to take care of and feel for the animals.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

7/21 FREE App: Hidden Object - Tea Time

Today's Amazon Android 

$1.99 Value  4.0 STARS

Tea Time contains 20 delicious scenes, full of sweet treats and artfully hidden items.

Four ways to find items:
Find by PICTURE - Discover the items with a list of pictures!
Find by SILHOUETTE - Find the items using only their silhouettes!
Find by WORD - A list of words is what you get to find each item in the scene!
Find by RANDOM - A random selection of the above modes for an extra challenge!

Four different modes of play:
NORMAL Mode - Timed with exciting bonus rounds!
CASUAL Mode - A nice and relaxing experience.
CHALLENGE Mode - An extra challenge 

Monday, July 20, 2015




Join POTTERY BARN TO celebrate the anniversary of their iconic Manhattan Club Chair, a customer favorite for over 25 years. Nosh on some fabulous treats and enter for a chance to win a Manhttan Chair of your own!

7/20 FREE App of the Day: Game of Words

Today's Amazon Android 

$0.99 Value  4.0 STARS

Game of Words is a new kind of word puzzle game for phones and tablets. It contains elements similar to crossword puzzles, scrabble and word jumbles. You can complete the game in any order you like. There is no time limit, no score and no penalty for trying different combinations. In case you get stuck, there are extra hints available to help you.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Free Sample JOHN FRIEDA Frizz Ease!

Get a Free Sample from

JOHN FRIEDA Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Collection

from Target by mail
End the Frizz Fight!   Introducing JOHN FRIEDA® Frizz Ease® Beyond Smooth™ Collection! 
 Instantly reduce frizz by 90% and achieve smoother hair with continued use.*
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

7/15 FREE App of the Day: SimpleRockets

Today's Amazon Android 

$2.99 Value  4.5 STARS
Design your own rocket ships. Blast off into space. Explore the solar system. See if you have what it takes to be a rocket scientist.

Choose and connect parts together to build rocket ships. You can choose from a variety of rocket engines, fuel tanks, and other gizmos. You can even build rovers with powered wheels. You are only limited by your imagination.

Blast off from any planet you want. You can fly through the intense atmosphere of Venus, or you can take advantage of the low gravity of Mercury. Whip around the sun and launch yourself out to the far reaches of the solar system.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

7/18 Free Petco Reptile Rally event

Free Reptile Rally

JULY 18, 1 - 3 pm

at A local Petco store*

Families and pet lovers nationwide are invited to discover the world

of reptiles and learn proper care tips

Monday, July 13, 2015

7/13 FREE App of the Day: Choice of Robots

Today's Amazon Android 

$4.99 Value  4.5 STARS

Play out thirty years of your life as a brilliant robot maker, from graduate school near the present day to a future in which your robots have changed everything. Depending on your choices, your robots may be independent or obedient, clumsy or graceful, empathic or cold ... and you yourself may live to an old age happily married or alone with only robots to comfort you.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

7/11 FREE App of the Day: factory balls

Today's Amazon Android 

$0.99 Value  4.5 STARS

The popular browser puzzle game is now on mobile, with more levels, new graphics and new music!
Can you produce the ball on the box in each level of this logical puzzle game?
Contains 44 standard levels and 36 bonus levels: 80 levels of logical thinking!