Friday, October 10, 2014

10/10 FREE App of the Day: 9 Elefants

10/10 - Today's Amazon Android

FREE App of the Day: 

9 Elefants

$2.99 value

A quest crammed with puzzles in the heart of Paris.
Professor Weismann has disappeared. 

After arriving in Paris to present his latest invention, the Time Camera, at the Universal Science Congress, Professor Weissmann disappears without a trace. 
His daughter, Laura, believes he has been kidnapped. Aided by Eustache, the Professor's cat, Laura sets out on the trail of a mysterious sect, whose symbol is 9 elephants. 
The intrepid duo is confronted by a series of challenges, and each has to draw on their powers of invention and deduction to unravel the plot at the heart of this extraordinary adventure. 

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