Monday, September 8, 2014

9/8 FREE App of the Day: Cryptic Escape!

9/8 - Today's Amazon Android

  FREE App of the Day: 

    Cryptic Escape! 

$0.99 Value! 
You are a prisoner in Rosemire Castle. The residents of Rosemire have fled from Asmordos, a ruthless warlord who seeks the hidden chamber of Malvadius. Legend has it that the chamber contains the powerful magic of the Archmage Malvadius.

Escape the dungeon and find the chamber before Asmordos reaches the castle grounds. Use your wits to solve the many challenging puzzles encountered throughout your adventure. Travel through the darkest depths of a medieval dungeon and explore the rooms and passages of Rosemire Castle. Discover and use over 70 different unique items to help locate the hidden chamber of Malvadius!

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