Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Free Eye Exams For Infants!

 InfantSEE®, a public health program, managed by Optometry Cares® - the AOA Foundation, is designed to ensure that eye and vision care becomes an essential part of infant wellness care to improve a child's quality of life. Under this program, participating optometrists provide a comprehensive infant eye assessment between 6 and 12 months of age as a no-cost public service
Visit the website for more information and to find an doctor near you.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Free Online Guitar Lessons from Gibson!

Free Online Guitar Lessons
from Gibson!
 With exclusive video lessons from Gibson’s Skills House and “King of All Guitar Teachers,” Arlen Roth, is here to help you achieve your riffing potential, no matter your talent level. Watch and Learn!

1/28 - FREE App of the Day: GP Retro!

Today's Amazon Android
1/28 - FREE App of the Day:  

GP Retro! 

$1.35 Value!

Start an exciting race between drifting, overtaking and engines exploding!
Climb the CAREER becoming the World Champion and arriving to drive dream cars!
A quick drive game inspired by the old arcade coin op!

Monday, January 27, 2014

FREE eBOOK: The Heart of a Leader


The Heart of a Leader

The Heart of a Leader offers Ken Blanchard's insight and wisdom on:

• Choosing values
• Aiming for excellence
• Maintaining integrity
• Finding the courage to change
• Helping others reach their potential

Arranged with your busy schedule in mind, this book offers you Blanchard's most important concepts in an accessible format. You can reach for instant motivation and insight on a daily basis or soak it up in one reading. Powerfully challenging and deeply inspiring, The Heart of a Leader will enable you to develop the courageous heart of a true leader, master key attitudes and actions to impact lives around you, and enjoy the profound wisdom that only Ken Blanchard can deliver.

1/27 - FREE App of the Day:Total Relaxation!

Today's Amazon Android
1/27 - FREE App of the Day:  

Total Relaxation! 

$2.99 Value!

The powerful hypnosis audio session Total Relaxation.
*A choice of short medium and long versions and with and without wake up.
* A choice of beautiful, relaxing video animations to run with the audio program
* Video interviews to help you understand and feel comfortable with the process
* Additional tips for relaxation and reducing stress

Sunday, January 26, 2014

FREE eBOOK: A Work at Home Mom's Ultimate Guide...


A Work at Home Mom's Ultimate Guide to Building a Business, Blog & Brand

Having trouble finding time to learn the basics, knowing what questions to ask your designer, and how to budget your dream career?  As a mom, your time is valuable.  Packed full of resources that mom entrepreneurs use daily including tricks of the trade, questions to ask your designer, how-to save money, and lots of DIY resources to get your started!

1/26 - FREE App of the Day: Cave Escape!

Today's Amazon Android
1/26 - FREE App of the Day:  

Cave Escape! 

$1.99 Value!

Finally you have found the Holy Grail! But how far can you escape? Zombies, Werewolves, Orcs and Bats are going to stop you and return the Holy Grail back to the secret Cave! Swipe to jump and slide. Tilt to collect rubies and choose your path between caves and canyons. Tap to shoot

Saturday, January 25, 2014

1/25 - Today's Amazon Android FREE App of the Day: Doom & Destiny!

Today's Amazon Android
1/25 - FREE App of the Day:  

Doom & Destiny! 

$1.99 Value!

Doom & Destiny is an award winning indie JRPG from XBOX and Windows Phone!
Four nerds, drawn into a fantasy world and mistaken for heroes, have to battle their way through a massive crazy adventure and defeat a preposterous villian!

This great RPG has magic, dungeons, pizza and jokes galore and if you ever enjoyed Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana or Dungeons and Dragons you're gonna love this game!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Free In Store 

at Williams-Sonoma!
(check time with your local store - reservations recommended)

  • Hour-long technique classes are free and include tastings of prepared dishes.
  • Participants enjoy 10% savings on select same-day store purchases.
  • Available at all stores; class times vary by store location.

Fans will cheer when you serve a spread of delicious game-day fare. Learn how to prepare healthier fried foods with our new air fryer, along with make-ahead appetizers that will satisfy a hungry crowd.

1/25 FREE W-S JUNIOR CHEF CLASS: Chicken Fingers!

Free In Store JANUARY 
Junior chef classes

at Williams-Sonoma!
(check time with your local store - sign up)

introducing williams-sonoma Junior chef classes

Hey, kids! We can show you how fun and easy cooking can be!   For more information or to sign up your Junior Chef, call or visit your local store

Saturdays at 9:30AM
  • Saturday, January 25th – Homemade Chicken Fingers

Sat. 1/25 FREE Williams-Sonoma DEMO: Cookware!

Free In Store 

at Williams-Sonoma!


Saturdays at 2pm (January Only)
Cutlery – Saturday, January 4th
Espresso – Saturday, January 11th
Juicers – Saturday, January 18th
Cookware – Saturday, January 25th


FREE eBOOK: Ramen Noodle Recipes


Ramen Noodle Recipes (Cooking with Kids Series)

 Frugal and easy cooking recipes using Ramen noodles. Transform your Ramen noodles into something a little more delicious and fun. Ramen noodles are so easy to cook kids can learn quickly how to make them and then step it up with some additions.

1/24 - FREE App of the Day: Talking Clock Pro!

1/24 - Today's Amazon Android
FREE App of the Day:  

Talking Clock Pro! 

$1.99 Value!

Talking Clock Pro is the most technologically advanced voice time announcement application for the Android device market. It is available in 7 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Polish; plenty new languages such as: Korean, Chinese and many more will be added in due course.
This application allows the user to plan single or multiple time schedules, either planned or manual. In addition the schedules can be flexibly repeated to meet the needs of the user.
The application runs with an attractive colorful time display in landscape format.
Talking Clock Pro announces the time according to the user’s schedule at certain time intervals.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

1/23 - FREE App of the Day:Mythic Mining!

1/23 - Today's Amazon Android
FREE App of the Day:  

Mythic Mining! 

$1.99 Value!

Prepare to mine! It is time for the yearly mining contest upon the mythical world of Kavros. One hero from each of the great races will step up to face this mighty challenge - and one of those heroes is you.

Be the first to earn enough gold pieces to beat the level and the contest will move to a bigger mine with a higher target and more treasure to be found.

FREE eBOOK: Your Achilles Eel: Discover and Overcome ...


Your Achilles Eel : Discover and Overcome the Hidden Cause of Negative Emotions, Bad Decisions and Self-Sabotage

Your Achilles Eel reveals the most elusive mystery in mental health and personal development.  It does so in an easy-to-read style that even a child can understand. 

This short book is written as if a forbidden part of your mind were breaking all the rules by telling you the truth.  And the truth is NOT what you expect! 

FREE eBOOK: How to Extreme Coupon Without Extreme Stress


How to Extreme Coupon Without Extreme Stress

Tell all book explains exactly how to get the coupons and find the sales you need to get loads of free groceries. Save money with extreme couponing but leave out the extreme stress. From where to find your coupons through how to store them all the way to picking out the best check out lane. This book will save you money even if you are an absolute beginner, but be warned...Exteme Couponing is addictive!
A step by step guide to help you get the most out of your coupons without adding a bunch of stress to your

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1/31 FREE Firecracker Chicken Breast + at Panda Express!

 Get a FREE
 Firecracker Chicken Breast

at Panda Express 
on Friday, 1/31 +!

The Year of the Horse is finally upon us and Panda is celebrating in some big ways! From bringing back a guest favorite dish to hosting the nation's largest Chinese New Year celebration, Join at your favorite Panda Express for the nation's largest Chinese New Year celebration! We'll be serving up Free Fircracker Chicken Breast, and guests will receive a Chinese red envelope including a special Chinese New Year offer (while supplies last)

Firecracker Chicken Breast is back and as delicious as ever! This classicdish starts with marinated, all-white
meat chicken breast, sweet red and yellow bell peppers and crisp onions.Then we toss it in a sizzling hot wok with just the perfect amount of our signature spicy black bean sauce to create a one of a kind taste sensation – and all for under 250 calories!

1/22 - TFREE App of the Day: Spin to Win!

1/22 - Today's Amazon Android
FREE App of the Day:  

Spin to Win! 

$0.99 Value!

Spin to Win is a brilliant combination of two of our favorite games!
Take the thrill of spinning the wheel to see how much money you have at stake before betting it to pick a letter and simultaneously unveil a secret image! The secret image is also the answer to the puzzle, so your goal is to use both your visual clue as well as your ability to solve missing letter puzzles to win.
A dashing host and a leaderboard make each round a thrill to play. The fun hidden pictures make Spin to Win a great game for the whole family to play together even with the lil ones who are not yet spelling!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/21 - FREE App of the Day: Smart RAM Booster Pro!

1/21 - Today's Amazon Android
FREE App of the Day:  

Smart RAM Booster Pro! 

$2.58 Value!

Most of Android devices bundle with limited memory. Android task manager will selectively kill low priority tasks in order to reserve memory to higher priority task. That’s not always run at an appropriate time, causing low responsive apps, lagging, especially when you launch a new app after heavily browsing web pages. It causes a worse experience.

RAM Booster is designed to overcome these issues by selectively kill less important apps that are running in the background but consumes considerable device’s memory. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

1/20 - FREE App of the Day: ConZentrate!

1/20 - Today's Amazon Android
FREE App of the Day:  


$0.99 Value!

ConZentrate helps to improve the focus of the mind. Conzentration app makes it
a fun event by setting goals that you can achieve and at the same time allowing you improve your concentration. The result of every goal is to unlock a background or a ball or a background music.
The original name for this technique is called as Trataka in Sanskrit.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

2/4/14 FREE Lego Mini Model: Snowplow!

FREE Lego Mini Model Build

LEGO Micro Manager

at Lego Stores

on Tuesday, FEBRUARY 4th at 5pm

Open for kids ages 6-14 years of age

Visit your local LEGO Store on the first Tuesday of every month and you can learn how to build a cool mini model, and take it home – for free! Quantities are limited and offer is good while supplies last only. A new model will be available every month and will be specially themed to that month – ask a Store Associate for details! Models are not for sale and cannot be purchased. One free per child.

1/19 - FREE App of the Day: Swingworm!

1/19 - Today's Amazon Android
FREE App of the Day:  


$2.99 Value!

Meet Swingy, the brave hero of this swinging tale. It is spring in the Whispering Woods and like all other Swingworms of his age, Swingy wants to climb highest tree in the forest - The tree that reaches all the way up to the Moon. The only thing standing in the way is the berry-hoarding Big Bug and his countless spiky minions...

Controlling Swingworm is a one-of-a-kind experience. His head and tail will tenaciously grab surfaces and his stretchy, rubbery body allows him to reach far longer than it seems. It's a race against time as Swingy tries to gather all Rubbaberries to pay the Big Bug for an elevator ride further up the tree.