Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Free eBook Collection! Liz Weston on Personal Finance

Free $85 Value eBook Collection!

Liz Weston on Personal Finance (2nd Edition)

4 up-to-date books from Liz Weston, America’s #1 personal finance columnist

Your Credit Score, Fourth Edition – complete with brand-new information on protecting (or rebuilding) the 3-digit number that rules your financial life.  Next, in Easy Money, learn how to simplify and take control of your financial life, now and forever!   In Deal With Your Debt, Updated & Revised Edition , Weston offers up-to-the-minute help on averting disaster, recovering from serious money setbacks, getting real help, and taking action that works.  Finally, in There Are No Dumb Questions About Money, Weston offers up-to-date, common sense answers to the financial questions people ask most often.

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