Thursday, October 25, 2012

Free eBook: It's Overstoring, Not Overeating!

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It's Overstoring, Not Overeating! Why the "Eat Less Move More" Message Is Backfiring and Making You Fat and Sick and Destroying America

In "It's Overstoring, Not Overeating!" Yale University educated independent investigator, Adam Kosloff, explains why fat loss is often way more complicated than what the "just eat less" gurus tell us.   The gist is: obesity is, at its core, a problem of storing too much fat in the cells of our fat tissue. Therefore, to stop obesity, or reverse it, we need to repair the biochemical forces that regulate the fat tissue itself. How much we eat and exercise can, of course, play a role. But diet and exercise only matter insofar as they change how our bodies regulate fat storage and fat burning.

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