Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Free 3 eBook Collection: Standing Out with SEO

Free 3 book Kindle Collection:
Standing Out with SEO: Expert Advice from Melanie Mitchell (Collection)

In three new short e-books, Melanie Mitchell takes you to the cutting edge of search engine optimization (SEO), demonstrating how to use powerful new techniques to achieve unprecedented results! In SEO & PPC: Better Together, Mitchell transcends the debate between SEO and pay-per-click, showing how to use them both together to achieve better results than either can deliver alone. Next, How to Make SEO Work for You completely demystifies SEO, showing you how to grab value from “low hanging fruit” and start optimizing everything from pages, text, and keywords to images–even your page’s underlying HTML code. Finally, in Unleash the Power of Paid Search, Mitchell brings together the processes, knowledge, and tools you need to build and manage exceptionally successful paid search campaigns.

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